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Honey Lake Boutique is a new online shop founded by two of Salt Lake's very own. They call themselves Honey Lake to pay tribute to the state they love.

Kayla and Sarah, of Honey Lake, are two friends with wildly different aesthetics. Kayla is a woman of crisp cleanliness, stripes and practicality, while Sarah is drawn to anything with Mexican embroidery and creations that look like they came out of a bag of skittles. Together, they built an online shop for customers at both ends of the spectrum.

Starting an online boutique is the right fit for both ladies -- mothers of wild and crazy toddlers need flexible schedules. Expansion plans include children’s, home, and lifestyle collections, and their long-term goal is to have a brick-and-mortar shop. They also plan to collaborate with local artists and designers so the world can see more of Utah’s talent.
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